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Goa at a Glance

GoaGoa, one of the most scintillating tourist destinations in India, is located at the western part of India and is a significant part of this incredible land. Goa is also known as Konkan. It happens to be the smallest state in terms of its size and the fourth smallest state in terms of the population that it holds.

Each and every year tourists flock into this enchanting land from every corner of the world. The sizzle quotient of Goa as a tourist hub is hard to ignore. The magical beauty of this place has definitely helped it shoot to international fame.

There is a very interesting fact about Goa and you are perhaps going to like it. Goa is known as the richest state in India and it has an impressive GDP per capita. If the per capita income capacity of this state is compared to the rest of India it will be surprisingly two and half times of the total GDP of India. Isnít it a riveting revelation?

On financial grounds Goa is definitely at an enviable position. The eleventh financial commission has already ranked it among the best states of India on the merit of its economic well being. Recently the National Commission of Population has offered it accolades for the high standard life style that the people of Goa enjoy.

The capital of Goa is Panaji. Whereas the largest as well as the most spectacular city of Goa is surely the Vasco Da Gama city. The surroundings of this particular city are surely going to get your senses mesmerized. You are not going to be happy with a quick stroll in it. You need an in depth exploration which is going to unravel the beauties of this place.

There is another spectacular city in Goa that bears the remains of Portuguese colonialism. The name of the city is Margao. It is a historic place and is surely one of the most attractive places to visit in Goa. In this particular place that forms an integral part of Goa you are actually going to set your eyes on a great deal of cultural influences that trace back to the Portuguese invasion on this part of earth. It is interesting to note here that some parts of Goa still exhibits tidbits of the 16th Century. You would surely love to cast your amazed glance at those relics.

There is an enchantment in this place. There is a vibrant appeal which is really hard to ignore. If you are in love of globetrotting and if you do crave for visiting places that create an oscillation in your heart from aesthetic point of view then Goa is surely the place which is going to satisfy your cravings. The beaches of Goa, its unspoiled places for worship as well as the world heritage architectures are going to create a WOW factor for sure.