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Education in Goa

GoaGoa has its respectable place in the field of education. Very recently (in the census conducted in 2011) it has come out that Goa has a very high rate of literacy. According to the results of 2011 census the total literacy rate of Goa ranges more than 87%. If you consider the males then the percentage is 90% and if you consider the females then it is 84%.

It is interesting to know in this regard that you are going to spot a school in each and every taluka of Goa. Mostly you are going to find that most of the schools are government run. As a matter of fact it has been observed that the demand of private schools is quite less in Goa. There might be several reasons for it. However it is strongly believed that it is the low level or intensity of corruption that makes it possible. Apart from this particular fact it is also true that the level or standard of education which is being catered in the government run schools in Goa are too high. Compared to any other state government run schools in Goa deserve high laurels. It is the GBSHSE or Goa Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education that scrutinizes all issues related to school education in Goa.

There is no denying that the particular board has been serving the purpose of education in Goa masterfully. The higher educational standard as well as high rate of literacy bears testimony to that. GBSHSE or Goa Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education take great care while working on the syllabus. The upmost importance is given to the fact that the syllabus is created keeping the participants or leanerís age in mind. It is also a noticeable factor in the periphery of education that English happens to be the medium of instruction in most of the schools. As students get the scope to complete their education with English as the major language they are naturally quite strong in the use of this language.

Apart from opting for the general stream of courses students of Goa can also opt for vocational courses as well as go for professional degrees or diplomas that help in career establishment. There are in fact many technical colleges, medical colleges, management colleges as well as engineering colleges in Goa that help the students fulfill their aim in life dedicatedly.

There are some private schools in Goa. Some of these schools have Marathi or Konkani as the medium of instruction. In spite of being privately run these schools do not show up with a pitiable performance. The reverse is true. Recently startling news had come in the pages of The Times of India. According to the report most of the schools in Goa run without the intervention of an administrative head. It is gratifying to know that the educational activities run so smoothly in Goa. The management is not so complicated.

Some of the best talents as well as well informed and well read alumni hail from the land of Goa. From academic point of view the land deserves a higher level of appreciation from all.

Some of the most notable seat of learning in Goa include names such as BITS Pilani Goa Campus, Shri Kamaxidevi Homeopathical Medical College, Goa Engineering College, National Institute of Technology as well as many other notable names that demand high acclaim.