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Geography of Goa

GoaGeographical diversity does have its significance when it comes to enhancing the innate appeal of a particular place. From this particular point of view Goa is a significant abode as it is richly replete with the wealth of geographic diversity. Lets take a close look about the geographic facts that pertain to Goa. There is no denying that these facts are quite interesting in nature.

Geographically Goa is known to encompass a whopping area that spans 3,702 square km. If you consider the latitudes Goa comes between 14.5354 as well as 15. 4000. If you consider longitudes Goa comes between 73.4033E as well as 74.2013 E. There is Western Ghats nearby and it separates Goa from the celebrated Deccan Plateau.

The coast line of Goa happens to be almost 63 mile long. Goa has three major rivers. They are Terekhol, Zuari as well as Chapora River. There is another important river in Goa and it goes by the name of Sal. Sonsogor happens to be the highest point of Goa and it has an altitude of 1,167n meters. There rivers forms an integral part of the geographic diversity of Goa. To be precise they form an integral part of the liveliness of Goa. Globetrotters who flock to Goa in every tear do find these rivers peaceful retreats for them. They love to spend quality time by the river side and enjoy the pristine beauty of nature which seems to be in its best at the banks of these rivers.

Apart from increasing the curb appeal of Goa these rivers are also important for another reason. They have many tributaries that tend to drain at least more than 60% of the entire Goa. Apart from that these rivers definitely happen to be one of the most spectacular as well as the busiest rivers in India. If you make it a point to enjoy your day by riding on boats on these rivers it is going to be a meaningful excursion for you. Doing so you are actually going to feast your eyes on at least ninety revering islands as well as forty estuarine during your river trips.

Geographically this place has a lot to offer to an unsuspecting visitor. Coming to this place for the very first time you are sure to feel that you are having a roller coaster ride of your life. People who are in life with variety are sure to find this place right after their choice. So do not miss the geographic varieties that seem to be abundant in this part of the world.