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Government of Goa

GoaIt is time to have an introspection with the government of Goa. The capital of Goa is Panaji. In earlier days Panaji used to be called as Pangim. This particular city happens to be the administrative capital of Goa. Set on the left bank of Mandovi Panaji or Pangim happens to be the most important part of the administrative cycles in Goa.

It is interesting to know that Goa holds two seats in the Parliament of India. The legislative assembly hall is located at Porvorim. Panaji, the administrative capital of Goa does have a very strong judicial system in it. There is a bench of high court which is present in the heart of Panaji. The laws which are followed in Goa are chiefly based on civil laws which are framed keeping in view the British Indian model. It is a noticeable aspect of the laws that they have a respect for all religions which are present in the heart of Goa. The government of Goa follows a civil uniform code in its administrative aspects.

The government of Goa has a legislative assembly that has forty members in it. The assembly is run under the supervision as well as instructions issued by the chief minister of Goa. In this assembly the executive power lies with the chief minister only.

The government of Goa is generally elected on the basis of majority. The political party that is able to gather the maximum number of seats in state elections as well as enjoys supremacy in the house comes to power. If the political as well as administrative systems that pertain to The government of Goa are inspected it will be fathomed out that the administrative disciplines are so systematic over here.

However in recent few years some sort of instability has been spotted in the land of Goa. The government of Goa is having significant trouble with these ongoing instable situations. Due to the instable as well as unruly situations The government of Goa had been forced to dissolve the assembly as well as declare the rule of president in this land in the year 2005. However efficient efforts are being made so that things might come under control the situation is much better now.

Presently both Congress as well as the Bhratiya Janata Party or the BJP happen to be the strongest political contestants in this area. In the recent 2012 elections it is the Bhratiya Janata Party or the BJP that has received a majority in the Vidhan Sabha of Goa. United Goan’s Democratic Party happens to be the other important party in the heart of Goa.