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Brief History of Goa

GoaHistorical anecdotes that relate to this enchanting land are indeed fascinating by nature. If you get the privilege of having a rendezvous with those accounts you have to admit that the place should be the top priority in your list of itinerary.

Once you get to know about the interesting myths as well as legends that concern this place you are sure to feel a dominant wish to visit the place yourself and bask in the glory that prevails in this place. So here is a slice of the myths as well as legends that pertain to the amazing land of Goa.

It is indeed an enchanting revelation that you are going to get the allusion of Goa classical works such as Mahabharata. To refer to the exact segment where the name has been inscribed it is the Bhishma Parva. In this particular segment of Mahabharata Goa has been referred to as Gomanta.

The legend has it that it is the mythical character of Parasurama that is known to be the creator of this enchanting land. It is believed that Parasurama created this land to rope in Brahmins from the North. According to ancient scriptures such as “Suta Samhita” Goa used to be known as Govapuri. There is another interesting legend about Goa. According to seven legends whom are ascribed as ‘Saptarshis’ in Hindu scriptures had performed their penance over here and right after they were blessed with celestial powers and divine blessings.

That is not all. There is another legend. The legend has it that it was the Gomanchal Mountain of Goa where Lord Krishna had defeated Jarasandha who used to be the ruler of Magadha.

There are several dynasties that had ruled this part of earth for centuries. Once you set foot on this place you are sure to get a good glimpse of the influences of those dynasties. As a matter of fact it is the existence of these historical remains that makes this place so interesting as well as colorful.

Paying a visit to this part of earth I not merely a scope to9 set eyes on pristine beaches. On the contrary it gives you an occasion to get introduced with the glorious traditions which were part of ancient India. This is exactly where a visit to Goa stands apart from a mere escapade or journey. Your trip to Goa could be a journey of self revelation because of the amazing amalgamation of historical as well as mythological elements.