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Languages of Goa

GoaA great variety of languages definitely makes a place interesting to visit. From linguistic point of view you are surely going to find Goa to be a magical potpourri. You will be overwhelmed by observing the coexistence diverse gamut of languages.

If you try and take an introspective look you are going to find that it is actually Konkani that happens to be the major native language of this place. Speaking from a statistical point of view it is a whopping 61% of the total population that speaks this language.

It is interesting to unfurl in this regard that it is Portuguese that used be the official language of Goa. It was during the time when Goa used to be under Portuguese colonial rules.

According to the result of 2001 census the main languages of Goa are as follows- Hindi, Marathi, Konkani, Kannada as well as Urdu. Marathi as well as Konkani is well spoken in Goa. Very recently there has been an up surging demand for getting Konkani as the major official language in this place.

It has recently been figured out that around 61% of the people of Goa speak in this particular native language. However when it comes to the issue of understanding Konkani it is presumed that almost 100% of the entire population of Goa understands this language without any sort of hiccups.