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Religions in Goa

GoaReligious diversity seems to be an integral part of any worthwhile destination on earth. It is a particular aspect that helps you gauge the place and its people.

Goa is not going to disappoint you from this particular point of view as well. As a matter of fact, Goa houses many religions. Therefore apart from cultural diversities religious diversities too become a salient point of attraction in the land of Goa.

In term of religious diversity as well Goa has its flavor to offer. Goa is characterized by a noticeable multi religious structure. If you are paying a visit to Goa make it sure that you enjoy the religious diversity as well.

It is interesting to consider in this regard that the entire population of Goa is strictly composed of 65% of Hindus as well as 30% of Christians. As you pay a visit to this place you have the option of enjoying the flavor of both the religions. Along with Hinduism as well as Christianity there are in fact so many minor religions that you can spot in various parts of Goa. In terms of diversity as well as customs these minor religions are no less attractive too.

The secular nature of Goa comes to light because of the peaceful coexistence of so many religions and castes in one place. From this point of view it has to be admitted that Goa gives a lesson to the entire world.