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About Goan Recipes

Food happens to be a big deal in Goa. It is in fact a noticeable part of the colorful vibrancy that earmarks the essence of this enchanting land.

According to the people over there food occupies a significant place in the life style of Goa. People in Goa are definitely as well as madly in love with food.

There is an abundance of sea food recipes over here but that is not all. There are many other delicious dishes as well as recipes.

Some of these recipes have in fact passed through a number of generations. Paying a visit over here you are going to have a close encounter with an array of delicacies. You can bet that these mouth watering dishes are going to incarcerate your soul.

If it is not for anything else you are going to come back to this amazing land again and again because of the delectable dishes. So without wasting any more time let’s have an up close and personal introspection with the best dishes in GOA or the top 10 dishes in Goa.

Here are the most popular as well as delectable dishes of Goa. Hope you like them. Do not forget to taste them next time when you pay visit to Goa.