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Goan Fish Curry Recipe

Fish curry is without doubt one of the most delectable delicacies that you can enjoy in Goa. It is easy to cook as well as great to eat.

1 kg of fish (properly cleaned as well as cut in pieces)
½ cup of water (it should be hot)
Dried chilies
Sliced tomatoes
2 table spoon of coriander powder
Garlic paste
Red chilies

Procedure of Preparation:

The process is too simple.

You are going to soak the tamarind for a period of 10 minutes.

You need to put the Tamarind, the fish, Onions, Dried chilies, Sliced tomatoes, 2 table spoons of coriander powder, Garlic paste as well as Red chilies together.

In the next phase you are going to add 2 cup water.

Stir the preparation well.