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Goa Mackerel Reached Recipe

Mackerel Reached happens to be a mouth-watering as well as appetizing fish recipe and it is highly popular in Goa.

It gives you a fiery as well as sharp taste as the food stuff melts in your mouth.


In order to create the strong flavor of Mackerel Reached you are not supposed to work too hard on putting together too many resources. All you need is some simple materials. Here is a look.
To begin with you need Mackerels scales which are midsized. At the same time you are going to need Reached masala. It is better if you get the masala in paste form. You also need to include sunflower oil, canola as well as vegetables.

Procedure of Preparation:

The process is simple.

In the first place you need to slice the fish with a sharp knife. Thereafter you are going to need the shallow slits.

In the next phase you need to be a bit careful as you have to work on the Reached masala.

You have to use this particular paste on the surface of the preparation.

Use cooking oil, fry the fish and keep cooking until the preparation turns crispy.