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Goa Prawn Rawa Fry Recipe

It is one of the most popular dishes that you are going to figure out in Goa. They are extremely crispy.

The golden color of this preparation will make you feel that you can just pounce on it right there.


Let’s take a very close look at the most important ingredients that you are going to need at the time of cooking this particular dish.

King prawns (at least 20 in number)
Ginger ( table spoon)
Green chilies which are perfectly chopped
Lime juice
2 eggs
Bread crumbs
Cooking oil
Rawa (250 gms)

Procedure of Preparation:

The process is simple.

In the first place you need to cleanse the prawns.

Then make it a point that you are going to mix up all the ingredients such as Ginger, Green chilies, Lime juice, 2 eggs, Bread crumbs, Cooking oil as well as Rawa.

You need to roll the prawn with the bread crumbs and finally garnish it.