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Goa Sorpatel Recipe

Sorpatel is one of the most famous curries that you find in the heart of Goa.

This particularly traditional dish of Goa is made lout of pork meat.

Pork meat is not the only ingredient in it. there is other stuff that includes intestines, heart, pig blood as well as liver.


Let’s take a close look at the most important ingredients that you are going to need at the time of cooking this particular dish.

Pork meat (at least one kg)
1 tea spoon of cumin seeds
1 tea spoon of coriander seeds
1 kg of pork liver
Cooking oil
Peppercorns (at least 7-8 in number)
Red chilies (preferably dry)

Procedure of Preparation:

The process is simple.

In the first place you need to grind the spices well that you have gathered.

In order to do things precisely you are going to need a pan that has got heavy bottom.

Pour the oil in the pan.

While heating up make it sure that you are using medium flames.

After that you need to pour in the masala paste inside the pan.

Add the liver as well as the meat of the pork. Set the simmer to cook the meat.