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GoaTravel and Tourism happens to be the life and soul of Goa. It is the tourism industry of this land that has made it world famous. Today it is indeed hard to find any part in the civilized world which is not aware of this tourist hub.

The history, culture as well as the beaches of Goa work like an enchantment over the tourists. There is no dearth of major attractions as well as worthwhile sights in Goa. This is the reason why this particular place is so favorite with the global tourists. The travel and tourism industry in Goa is swelling with profits in every year.

According to the result of a census that had been initiated in the year 2010 it is a whopping figure of around two million of tourists as well as globe trotters that flock to this amazing to taste the charm and beauty of this place. It has also come out of the result of a survey that around 1.2 million tourists hail into the enchanting land of Goa from abroad every year. There is no denying that the industry of travel and tourism is so potentially profitable over here. As a matter of fact, the industry of travel and tourism is the biggest grosser in the land of Goa.

Both winter as well as summer happens to be the most tourist drawing seasons in Goa. It has been figured that people from abroad visit Goa mostly in winter. Whereas people from the other parts of India pay visit to Goa during summer. Apart from the summer as well as the winter it is the rainy season that seems to be so enjoyable in Goa. There is surely no denying that the rain of Goa has a different charm. You are surely going to love it provided you are able to pay a visit to Goa at the time of monsoon.

Because of the beautiful churches, most pristine as well as elegant art works, the serene wild life as well as luscious beaches the popularity graph of this particular place is on the rise among the visitors as well as global tourists. You bet that by paying a visit to this place people get a serene satisfaction which is hard to describe.