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Festivals of Goa

GoaFestivals are part of Goa only except the rainy season. Spectacular festival in the heart of Goa can be a great as well as unforgettable experience to all the travelers from around the glove who feel drawn to this enchanting land because of its tranquil nature and it serenade appeal. Let’s take a very close look at two most important festivities that take place in the heart of Goa. Here goes a probe.

Feast of the Pompura - Feast of the Pompura happens to be one of the most important as well as most spectacular festivals in the heart of Goa. There are many tourists who come to Goa to enjoy this beautiful festival. This particular festival is celebrated in the famous Bardez division and when it is celebrated it gives a good show of great pomp. This particular feast is also known as the feast of the lady. The way it is celebrated is surely attention grabbing. If you are fortunate enough to feast your eyes on this festival you are going to get immensely excited as well as happy for sure.

Feast of the three kings - Feast of the three kings is another highly anticipated as well as the most awaited festival that you would love to see. This particular festival is also known by the name of Festa Dos Reis. This particular festival follows a very curious custom. As part of this festival three boys need to go on to the top of a hill on horses. They need white horses only for this festival.

Festivals which are celebrated all over Goa actually gives out the signature statement of the colorful as well as blessed life style over here. People over here are highly enthusiastic and they surely love to keep them engaged in the middle of festivities. By coming to this enigmatic place you are going to have a slice of the enthusiastic as well as lively life style of Goa.