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Cuisine of Goa

GoaThe cuisine of Goa is something which is going to rejuvenate your desire to come back to this place again and again. If you happen to be in love with exploring various delicacies you have to love Goa too.

Coming in close proximity with this place you are sure to find that elaborate recipes do occupy a place in the kitchens of this place. There are varieties of fish dishes which seem to be abundant in this place. It is not that you are going to feast your eyes only on fish items. There are chicken as well as mutton dishes.

It is a noticeable aspect that people in this place do have a soft corner for spices. They take spicy preparations to a great extent. If you try to take an in depth looks into the delicacies of this place you are going to find that they have a strong fascination for coconut as well as cooking oils. Apart from exorbitant use of these oils in their food stuff you are also going to spot the use of chili peppers as well as bin far. Cooking is not just cooking for the Goanese people.

It is part of their existence and it is more like a celebration to them when they get themselves busy in cooking they would like to make it sure that they are going to carry on with the task with the upmost respect as well as dedication. This is perhaps the reason why their culinary skills are so flawless. This is why people from all over the globe feel gaga about the dishes which are available ion Goa.

If you come to think about the food types of Goa then you have to think about both Catholic cuisines as well as Hindu cuisines. Varieties are endless in this place. At the same time you can rest assured that you are not going to get your senses deprived of distinct tastes. To name some of the most special delicacies you have vindaloo, you have khatkhate, sannas, polle, dosa as well as amboli. These variations are indeed mouth watering. Once you set your eyes on them you cannot stop yourself from pouncing on them for sure.

In this regard you must not forget feni. Feni happens to be a very significnant part of the colorful sphere of Goa. It is a very special alcoholic beverage that you can get in the heart of Goa. Feni is made out of coconut as well as cashew.