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Places to see in and around Goa

GoaWhen you come to Goa you can at least rest assured that there is no dearth of places that you would love to see in as well as around Goa.

Goa has many heritage sites which are going to please the aesthetic senses of the regular tourists who flock this land every year.

If you pay a visit to Goa you should better see two heritage sites that happen to be major attractions of this enigmatic place. One of these sites is the famous churches and convents of old Goa. The other one is Bom Jesus Basilica.

If you take a stroll in the inner sanctums of Goa you are going to find that there is an abundance of mansions, convents as well as churches. For example you can consider names such as saint simons, Santa Monica etc.

As you come to visit the amazng land of Goa you must not forget to watch the Naval Aviation Museum as well as the Goa State Museum. A visit to these places is going to be worthwhile. You need to make it a point that you are not going to miss forts such as Chapora, Aguada, Tiracol, Corjuem, Reis Mafos as well as Nanus.

All the historical sites which are present in the heart of Goa perfectly amalgamate culture, life as well as architectural heritage. Therefore visitors are advised not miss the beauty of these sites. If you pay a visit to these places it is going to make you feel great. Visit them and feel the greatness of Goa.

These places make you feel proud that you are part of a magnificent land that holds some of the greatest natural treasures of the world.