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How to reach Goa

GoaReaching out to Goa is no hassle at all at least in this age of super fast communication. If you are planning to have a trip to Goa you can go there in four possible means of transport. Let’s take a very close look at the four most essential as well as the most useful routes which are going to help you a lot to take you to your destination. Here’s a probe for all of you.

Road- It is quite easy to reach out to Goa by the roads. It is important for you to know that the public transport of Goa largely depends on the roads. It is a matter of fact that the Goa public transport is highly efficient. If you are planning to pay a short trip or a long tour to Goa you are surely going to find the bus routes highly useful for your purpose. They will serve the purpose by getting you to your ultimate destination without causing any disturbance o inconvenience during the journey. On the contrary you are going to have a comfortable ride all throughout.

If you have to come to Goa you are going to take the help of Kadamba Transport Corporation. It is a particular corporation that takes care of all the major routes that lead to Goa. With the help of this particular corporation you can have access to intercity buses. At the same time if you need to pay a quick visit to the remote parts of Goa it I this corporation only which is going to come handy to you by getting you in touch with the right kind of bys services

Sea- Sea routes are highly popular and happen to be the most used ones. The Mormugao harbor happens to be one of the most important as well as most popular ports of this place. This particular port sees the emergence of thousands of tourists almost every day. Apart from the Mormugao harbor there happens to be another minor port and it is located in the heart of Panaji. In most cases these ports are also used for transporting ores as well as minerals to the hinder lands that belong to Goa. In most cases passenger steamers take people from one bank to the other.

Rail- rail routes too are equally important in Goa. There are mainly two major rail routes in the heart of Goa. One of these two rail lines are operated by none other than the South Eastern Railway. There is another railway in Goa which is operated by the Konkan Railway. The South Eastern Railway was established in the heart of Goa since the days of colonial rule. The Konkan Railway was added up later on. Konkan Railway was built in the middle of 90’s. Both the railways connect major cities and important areas that seem to be integral parts of Goa.

Air- A journey to the land of Goa through the air ways is a smooth as well as safe one for you. The airport of Goa is known by the name of Dabolim Airport. One of the most interesting facets of this particular airport is that it operates both as a civilian airport as well as a military airport. Dabolim happens to be the solo airport in the land of Goa and it is highly equipped with all the essential technical edges. This particular airport is used by a whopping number of passengers almost on a daily basis. It is to be noted in this regard that the airport of Goa offers both domestic as well as international airline facilities to the passengers. If you wish to take an international flight from Goa you are going to be able to fly to places such as Netherlands, Russia, United Kingdom, the Middle East, Germany, Doha, Dubai as well as many other places of repute. There are these carriers which work in Dabolim air port- QATAR AIRWAY, Jet air ways, Kingfisher airlines Go Air as well as many others.